Big Kiss

A girl and a boy –or a boy and a girl, or two girls, or two boys, or neither girls, nor boys– kissing passionately. Very well drawn.

Of course this is hentai, and its overboldness possibly won’t please some. If so, I apologize, but anyway I like it much, Ari would have liked it as well and posted it somewhere –maybe on her blog at WP–, and finally, I think that the overt arousing of this couple is pretty, natural and most encouraging in this world full of hypocrisy, cynicism, phoniness, prejudice, hatred and resentment.

No shame in love; nor in joy and pleasure. Nor in nakedness or half-nakedness and eroticism. And not at all, either, in unconventional individuals, like some of us are or have been –proudly!–  ✨


[Picture temporarily removed. I apologize, but not everybody is as open-minded as it would be desirable – This poses a serious dilemma on my blogs, since I want to express freely and, at the same time, I do not like to displease… Will have to think more about the matter.]

[December 24th, 2017] – Picture replaced after some cropping (not much, since I do not mind as I did before about others’ thoughts.

boy and girl hotly kissing RET2 xt+180
Girl? and boy? hotly kissing, very aroused (drawing edited in truer colours)


[Source: Tekuho No Habo for the original drawing — edition (& cropping) by Li Fontrodona, 2017]

No unauthorised copying or redistribution. All Rights Reserved. Registered & Protected  ZR1Q-9QGU-ACTU-HBIS


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