Manga, Anime and Hentai Gallery

A celebration of a different love and deviant (to some) sexual relationships

You will not find porn here (at least, according to my criterion), just more o less shy eroticism and also some gentle and healthy play, exclusively centred in yaoi (masculine homosexual) and androgynous love and intercourse. Some illustrations show in fact heterosexual love, since genders are not always very apparent, while sexes are… Anyway, I just post what I like to see and to do (or, especially, to be done) 🙂

Also, I have saved and selected every single one of these illustrations for a personal motive: all of them bring me the feeling of “déjà-vu”… and “déjà vécu”; all of them.

Said so, I must forcibly warn you that you should be 18 y and dejàears or more to keep scrolling down. I’m sorry, because this is absolutely ridiculous and arbitrary! … Many grown people should not watch this in any case, and many underaged teens are mature and learned enough to watch it –and do it– and enjoy it; but the law is the law.


A – Selected Manga and light Hentai Illustrations “die zu meinem Herzen gehen”

A- Sleeping alone - hugging the pillow
Sleeping alone late at morning – hugging the pillow

A- Not really Christian, but quite hungry - on the beach
Not Christian in spite of the necklace, but quite hungry as usual – showing off on the beach – watching quietly for someone to play with

A- At night before bed_rev2
Fondling at night before bed

just playing cat and kitty RET +y rev
Playing cat and kitty

B – Manga & Hentai illustrations (somewhat beyond light eroticism)



No girls allowed -except I - adj rev
No girls allowed -except, maybe, I. Everybody else is dearly welcome


A- Nap time at springtime xl, adj RET2
Prelude to a late afternoon nap

Love this bra (2)
Love this bra – the pink and purple chocker too!



Medical care rewarded - a good deal
Medical care rewarded – a good deal

Boku no Piko DVD ampl
“Boku no Piko” old DVD and some other treasures 🙂

Ari liked much the following drawing (not an actual screenshot from the movie, as close as it seems to a possible one). It’s hot, and perhaps it is pornography, but she thought it was sweet, cute and truly arousing. It is indeed:

Best whiles of my life, too - 2
Best whiles of my life, too – Life itself in a time… – Little else worthy, out of that mid-sized bed (Ari F)



[Currently still in progress. Sorry 🙂 ]


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