One More Post On Trans-Beauty & Trans-Rights’ Vindication

Not many words here —what for…?—

Picture 1: same t-person as before, some years later, dressed in black and looking entirely girlish; or so it seems to me (I’ve painted her in magenta for the header 🙂

Picture 2: another t-person —who doubted (like I did) on whether she was a girl or just felt and looked girlish.

 T-girl in black dress (adj_amp)

[I’ve removed the pic here “T-girl in black dress” since, after four days of having made it public on Polyvore, it’s been saved in four accounts on Pinterest without aknowledging its provenance. Of course I know that the Internet is a public place, but this just bothers me – I know the person pictured; I wanted the photo to be seen, but not stolen! ]

I suppose I’ll have to delete all my family pictures posted here and elsewhere. What a pity!]



T-girl in black satin (adj_amp)


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