On the Nature of Sunshine (I) -Wintertime

This is not at all a post on physics. Not even on metaphysics. Not on poetry… It’s only a gallery of edited frames showing variations on a very nice picture I shot in the winter of 2011, with natural daylight, in a place of my country that does not exist anymore (a small delta now swept by the sea). The girl depicted does not exist anymore, either, outside my heart and memory and those of a handful of relatives and very dear friends of ours.

The complete picture is rather larger (34.5 Mpx), showing the girl’s entire body, but as her legs were really long, the framing becomes awkward and the field too open and panoramic, while the essential points to show are the face (this piercing, but still sweet, eye and the broad, but subtle, smile), the shinning hair, the canonical bust, the extended left arm orthogonal to the tilted trunks -willingly drawing a cross- and the hand letting that dust fall. So, I have cropped it drastically (even though the model’s legs and feet were beautiful).

The frames are not overexposed in origin, but over-lightened on purpose afterwards, and coloured according to the fancy of the model and I (we made up to thirty-three variations, but these seven that I present here are among my favourites, since they have some other-worldly aura most appropriate to my mood and feelings nowadays).

The day I shot this picture, the sky was slightly cloudy and the weather, cool (around 13ºC), but the model was brave, and stripped anyway (except the panties, that were not much shelter…) -and later on she even bathed in the sea, which was really cold-. What a valiant girl she was !…

The mint-coloured variation of her skin -against bright turquoise and crimson mossy trunks- is my second favourite (the first being the pink-skinned one with the dark blue eye -num. 7-, even though I’m satisfied with them all). I present it isolated for reasons of design and order, being the first in this series:

Winter Light 1

Here you may see the other six:

Photography and edition by Li & Ari Fontrodona, 2011 & 2016 – Copyrights for each picture are registered: ©7CNC-HPZO-R6ZF-TEMJ, ©SDEO-UE6W-M1XY-ZEWY, ©KIDM-4T3F-SLIU-EHIP ,  ©NTTQ-GSC0-RB7Q-FUAP ,  ©WCFK-HROU-QJAG-XZ8C ,  ©9PBD-AINM-EKPR-LHSA ,  ©3SJ9-4UK1-8FLU-IL1L , ©PBGJ-B5WI-XQ9A-AMAE 

Copyrighted.com Registered & Protected  ZR1Q-9QGU-ACTU-HBIS

No unauthorised copying or redistribution. All Rights Reserved.



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