Rules of beauty

This is a poem I’ve come across today and liked a lot. I do not use to reblog anything (this is my first time -aside of my own sister’s posts), but I’ve felt that this author deserves to be read and recognized. Enjoy her poetry!

Literature Is My Porn

“Let us break the rules

Of beauty”, she whispered

In my ear.

Let us stop swathing our faces

With anti-aging,

And fairness creams

That promise to make

Our skin glow.

Let us show the world

That beauty hides

In the wrinkles on your skin,

And the half parentheses

Your lips make

When they curve upward

In a smile.

That it comes pouring out

With the sound

Of your laughter,

And that it resides

On the lips of the one

Who kisses your scars.

That beauty hides beneath

The layers of darkness

Inside your soul,

And in the stars

That burn bright

Inside your eyes.

Let us show the world





-The Girl Lost In The Bookstore

Something simple I wrote a while back. Inspired from an old Dove add. Because, “she is beautiful who sees beauty in others.”

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