True Colours of Her (I)

Le Rjatáki Chirikli – L’Ocell de la Nit – The Nightly Bird

At noon, in the woods, near the river-bank, a Romani girl speaks aloud:

     “White birch tree, stand behind me –

     So I feel myself protected.”

The birch is there; the tallest and stoutest of them all. The girl takes her skirt off, unbuttons her shirt, takes it off, and says:

     “Handsome boy, stand before me, look at me –

     So I feel myself desired –”

She also says, a little softer:

     “… Come and take me if you like me!

     So I have my wish fulfilled.”

She is alone. Time goes on and nobody comes, but the bird of the Rroma is always watching a Rromni…; hidden among the trees, it waits and sees while she lies on the sandy ground and begins to caress herself between the thighs and to pinch her nipples. The sun shines on her skin; the air is warm and pleasurable. After a while, she gets some satisfaction, shuts her eyes and soon falls asleep.

That ‘sumnali chirikli’ –truly a sacred bird– will wait quietly while she rests. Later on, when she wakes up, it will approach her and speak many words. She will speak of much, too…




[Photos shot near midday on 3rd October, 2011, in a birch grove in Catalunya – in the Pyrenees. “True” colours are recreated digitally.  – “Earthly” colours might be shown as well on a next post.)]


The tale of the chirikli and the naughty Rromani shej who is to become, in a most weird way, a phakali  -a fairy-  will be wholly told quite soon, illustrated with pictures with the same true colours -perhaps, even truer than shown above.

11 thoughts on “True Colours of Her (I)

    1. Many thanks for the compliment 🙂 The full tale will follow soon – it’s already written in Catalan, with some parts in Rromani, but I’m still translating it to English … a matter of a few days, since the tale is quite long -. I meant this post just as a kind of introduction.
      Best regards!

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        1. Ya supuse que eras hispanohablante por tu nombre de blogger 🙂 , aunque -por lo que he leído de tu blog-, tu inglés es tan bueno que tenía mis dudas.
          — M’alegro que hagis viscut a Barcelona i coneguis el català! De fet, pretenia publicar les dues versions del conte, l’original i la traducció a l’anglès en posts separats. Ara bé, com que jo no en sóc parlant nadiu, la traducció perd força. Així que si pots (i vols!) llegeix-te l’original 🙂
          Mercès de nou pel feedback i pels teus comentaris.
          Un abrazo cordial!


    1. Thanks a lot again for the feedback and the compliment, John !
      About her , she fitted just OK almost everywhere , like she was part of the scenery . LOL… Of course, she was elegant , but there was something more , a kind of energy which harmonized lovingly with trees and animals and everything natural . The Rromani part in us helps , since we as a folk are on very good terms with nature .

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      1. I definitely sense that about you….there is a strong love of earth and nature that energized her body and soul and she expressed that emotion and energy in the most beautiful and harmonious of ways……I’m sure nature misses her as much as we do….


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